Genre: Technical Death Metal
Origin: Australia
Status: Active

Mephistopheles are a 4 piece technical metal band from Hobart, Tasmania.
Originally formed by 4 school friends in 2004, Mephistopheles has always been focused on playing memorable but challenging music, infusing black and death metal with occasional jazzy moments.

Since the beginning, the band has thrived on trying to write and create fresh music that has purposely stepped outside conventional structures, but has also kept a foot firmly in traditional death metal realms, which reflects the tastes of the band members themselves.

The group has undergone only 3 changes since its inception, the main ones being the acquisition of original Psycroptic vocalist Matthew “Chalky” Chalk in 2009, and the replacement of original bassist Jules Dowson with long-time friend and musical ally James Excell.

Their discography contains 4 official releases - their self-produced EP "The Grail Of Wisdom" in 2004, debut full length "Ascension Aborted", released in 2006 on soon to be vocalist Matthew Chalk's label Southern Extremeties Productions (both releases featuring the Dowson/Dowson/Lawless line-up), and recently, "Sounds Of The End, the long awaited sophomore album, released Oct 1 2013 - and brand new EP "In Reverence Of Forever" (2016).

Now, in 2016, with 2013's "Sounds Of The End" and 2016's "In Reverence Of Forever" (both featuring 'new' members Chalk and Excell) released in Aus via themselves and the U.S/World via amazing label WILLOWTIP RECORDS, the band has finally begun to realise it's potential, by producing new music and an album with a freshness, and an energy previously only hinted at.

The future looks bright for Mephistopheles, and after a couple of successful semi-national Aus Tours under their belt the past couple of years, the band has other places in the country...and their sights!


Studio albums
- Ascension Aborted (2006)
- Sounds of the End (2013)

- The Grail of Wisdom (2004)
- In Reverence of Forever (2016)


Current members:
Sam Dowson - Drums (2004-present)
Ben Lawless - Guitars, Vocals (2004-present)
Matthew "Chalky" Chalk - Vocals (2009-present)
James "Blower" Excell - Bass (2010-present)

Past members:
Jules Dowson - Bass, Vocals (2004-2010)
Craig Irons - Guitars (2004-2005)


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