Misery Inc.

Misery Inc.

Genre: Melodic Groove Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Split-up

Were formed by core members Janne Tolonen (guitars), Joonas Kauppinen (drums), and Jukka Keisala (bass) in 2001. A second guitarist, Teemu Ylamaki, joined the band soon after, and in 2003 Misery Inc. released their debut album, Yesterday's Grave, with vocalist Jukkis Huuhtanen. The band would then see some lineup shake-ups, with bassist Keisala leaving in 2005, and vocals were handled by a pair -- Jules Naveri and Niko Mankinen. The band released its second album, Random End, in 2006. Misery Inc. lost yet another member in 2007, as Naveri departed for personal reasons, but the band was not to be swayed, and recordings continued on album number three, with Tommi Niemi filling the vacancy. In the autumn of 2007, Misery Inc. released their third full-length, Breedgreedbreed. Niemi left soon after.


Studio albums
- Yesterday's Grave (2004)
- Random End (2006)
- BreedGreedBreed (2007)

- Chains (2001)
- For Your Misery Only (2002)
- Suicide Serenade (2003)

- Modern Day Human Waste (2007)


Last known lineup:
Joonas "Jonttu" Kauppinen - Drums (2001-2008)
Janne Tolonen - Guitars (2001-2008)
Teemu Ylämäki - Guitars (2001-2008)
Aki Heikinheimo - Bass (2005-2008)
Niko Mankinen - Vocals (2005-2008)
Mikko Herranen - Vocals (2007-2008)

Past members:
Jukka Keisala - Bass (2001-2005)
Jukkis Huuhtanen - Vocals (2001-2005)
Jules Näveri - Vocals (2004-2007)
Tommi Niemi - Vocals (2007)

Misery Inc.

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