Genre: Black Metal
Origin: Poland
Status: Active

Moon was formed 1996 – originally as a side project created by Cezar (Christ Agony). At first it was destined to be only studio project for one album. However, the activity of Christ Agony was suspended, and the outcome of creation was so impressive that band’s mastermind decide to complete the full line-up. In November 1996 Moon recorded first album entitled „Deamon’s Heart“. Recording session took place in Selani Studio supervised by sound engineer Andrzej Bomba. Vader drummer, Doc was invited to play drums on this session. In April 1997 Moon signed a worldwide deal with Pagan Records. Musically Moon was a continuation of Christ Agony legacy – focused on its early period with dark, agressive and harsh black metal. Next year Moon signed managerial contract with Massive Music which was followed by another recording session of second album “Satan’s Wept”. This time they focused on fast-paced symphonic black metal, with plenty of double-bass drumming and layered keyboards atop typical black metal riffs. Cezar’s vocals were sometimes of the generic black metal shrieking but more often are a midrange growl reminiscent of Cronos of Venom. The album was released again by Pagan Records and licensed to Impact/System Shock for Europe and Avalon for Japan. This album was promoted by professional (as for those days) videoclip for the song “Satanica”.

The pressure on Moon playing live was growing and in summer 1999, Cezar with invited musicians (Blackie – bass, Heyron – lead guitar, L.Rambo – drums) appeared on stage for the first time during first edition of Thrash’em All Festival 1999. Unfortunately Moon disbanded soon thereafter, due to conflicts with their manager.

Ten years later Cezer decided to resurrect Moon. It was mostly due to his excess of musical ideas apart from Christ Agony and the need to show people the creation from previous decades. He was soon joined by Hexen (Hate drummer) and bass player Kriss (Hell United). May 2009 was the time of touring with Azarath, Hell United and Neolith. At that time the band started to compose fast death/black metal songs for the third album.


Studio albums
- Daemon's Heart (1997)
- Satan's Wept (1999)
- Lucifer's Horns (2010)

- Devil's Return (2010)


Current members:
Cezar - Vocals, Guitars (1996-present)
Mścisław - Bass, Vocals (2009-present)
Wizun - Drums (2009-present)
Gonthy - Guitars (lead) (2009-present)

Past members:
Blackie - Bass, Vocals
Doc - Drums (R.I.P. 2005)
Marek "L. Rambo" Matkiewicz - Drums
Heyron - Guitars


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