Mors Subita

Mors Subita

Genre: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

MORS SUBITA is a hard erectional melodic deathmetal band from Oulu, Finland.

MORS SUBITA combines sounds from the 90's like At the Gates and Carcass with modern aggressive metal. With killer attitude off and on stage, the band is truly a five-piece metal machine!

MORS SUBITA was formed 2000 and has released 4 demo tapes, 2 EP´s and 2 full length albums.

2011 MORS SUBITA released their debut album "Human Waste Compression" which had great reviews around the globe and rose to the Finnish album charts! The band toured the next couple years and started to focus on new material.

2015 MORS SUBITA released their sophomore album "Degeneration" which introduced the new accelerated sound of the band. The album gathered excellent feedback and lifted the band to the biggest metal festivals in Finland such as Tuska Open air, Nummirock and Jalometalli. Degeneration was also on the Finnish album charts pos. 26.

2016 MORS SUBITA is focusing on new material and the recordings of the 3rd full length album have started. The yet untitled album will be released during year 2017.


Studio albums
- Human Waste Compression  (2011)
- Degeneration  (2015)

- Synopsis  (2003)
- Paranea  (2007)

- Epoch  (2006)
- Sound of Spite  (2009)


Current members:
Mika Lammassaari - Guitars (1999-present)
Mika Junttila - Bass (2005-present)
Ville Miinala - Drums (2012-present)
Eemeli Bodde - Vocals (2014-present)

Past members:
Kari Räty - Bass (session)
Juha Haapala - Drums (1999-2011)
Aki Lammassaari - Guitars (1999-2000)
Jarno Rankinen - Bass (2000-2005)
Jukka-Pekka Ellilä - Guitars (2000-2003)
Antti Haapsamo - Vocals (2002-2013)
Jarkko Kaleva - Guitars (2003-2009)
Indrek Virronen - Guitars (2009-2011)
Tero Piltonen - Guitars (2011-2013)

Mors Subita

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