Mortal Decay

Mortal Decay

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

For over 15 years, Mortal Decay has been one of the premier forces in death metal. Having performed on both sides of the continent, their music has showcased their technical abilities while still retaining brutality. In 1991 three individuals from South Jersey, Anthony Ipri (drums), John Hartman (guitar) and John Paoline (vocals) formed Mortal Decay. After their inception they recorded their debut demo "Dawn of Misery" with guitarist Anthony Divigenze and bassist Brandon Stockl. Brian Valenti replaced Anthony Divigenze and subsequently recorded the "Grisly Aftermath" demo in 1993.

Upon the success of their demos, the band performed numerous shows along the east coast. In 1994 Brian Valenti and Brandon Stockl left the band and were replaced by bassist Ron Steinhauer and guitarist Joe Gordon. With the new lineup in place, Mortal Decay recorded the critically acclaimed "Brutalizing Creations" demo in 1995 garnering a prestigious "10 Skulls" in S.O.D. magazine.

In early 1996 Mortal Decay suffered their first major line-up disruption when long-time vocalist John Paoline announced he was leaving the band. Kelly Izquierdo (ex-Deathrune) while the group continued to write and play throughout the remainder of the year. During this time the band was approached by Pulverizer Records to record their first full length album "Sickening Erotic Fanaticism" (released 1997). To promote the album, the band embarked on their first tour with Illinois-based act Deaden culimating with their first appearance at the Milwaukee Metalfest.

While writing new material, the band remastered their three demos and released a compilation disc "A Gathering of Human Artifacts" in 1999. In 2000, Mortal Decay was approached by Unique Leader Records for a record deal and a supporting slot on the Bloodletting North America tour with Disgorge, Deeds of Flesh and Cephalic Carnage. With a successful tour and a new record deal, Mortal Decay began working on their second full length album. Kelly Izquierdo left the band and original vocalist John Paoline stepped in to record the album titled "Forensic". Released in 2001, the album featured a more progressive and technical approach showcasing the band's musical capabilities and lyrical intelligence.

In 2003, long-time bassist Ron Steinhaur parted the band and was replaced by Lou Suppa (Insatanity). 2005 was a tumultous year with a string of line up changes. John Paoline and Lou Suppa left the band and were replaced by Kevin McClintock (Polterchrist, Insatanity, Divine Rapture) and Ed Drozdowsky (Polterchrist, Insatanity, Pyrexia) respectively. Then founding member Anthony Ipri decided to leave and was replaced by Justin DiPinto (Malevolent Creation, Divine Rapture, Insatanity, Pyrexia).

With a new lineup Mortal Decay hit the studio and recorded their third full length album "Cadaver Art". Shortly after the release, the band embarked on their first European tour with Beheaded, Brutus, and Necrocest. The next couple of years the band continued to play at shows and metal fests throughout America.

In 2007, Mortal Decay continued to play shows while writing new material for their upcoming 4th album. Ed Drozdowsky left the band and was replaced by Monty Mukerji(Polterchrist). In 2008, vocalist Keving McClintock left and was replaced by Anthony Schrader (The Tenth Circle). With yet another new lineup, the band is currently writing new material and continue to perform all over America.


Studio albums
- Sickening Erotic Fanaticism  (1997)
- Forensic  (2002)
- Cadaver Art  (2005)
- The Blueprint for Blood Spatter  (2013)

- Dawn of Misery  (1992)
- Grisly Aftermath  (1993)
- Brutalizing Creations  (1995)

- Mortal Decay / Defeated Sanity  (2015)

- A Gathering of Human Artifacts  (1999)


Current members:
Anthony Ipri - Drums (1991-2005, 2010-present)
John Hartman - Guitars (1991-present)
Joe Gordon - Guitars (1994-present)
Kelly Izquierdo - Vocals (1996-2000, 2014, 2016-present)

Past members:
John Paoline - Vocals (1991-1996, 2000-2005)
Brandon Stockl - Bass (1992-1994)
Anthony Divigenze - Guitars (1992-1993)
Brian Valenti - Guitars (1993-1994)
Ron Steinhauer - Bass (1994-2003)
Lou Suppa - Bass (2003-2005)
Ed Drozdowsky - Bass (2005-2007)
Justin DiPinto - Drums (2005-2010)
Kevin McClintock - Vocals (2005-2008)
Monty Mukerji - Bass (2007-2014)
Anthony Shrader - Vocals (2008-2013)
Danny Nelson - Vocals (2013-2014)

Mortal Decay

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