One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond

Genre: Experimental Death Metal
Origin: Australia
Status: Active

Established in Adelaide, Australia during the 2nd summer of 1997, One Step Beyond play a unique blend of extreme metal genres, with styles as diverse as rock, funk and dub, sounding something like a blend of Napalm Death and Primus. Or as described by Eternal Frost zine: "Imagine Blood Duster duking it out with Bob Marley and Les Claypool over the last hit of a PCP laced joint".

Currently, after long label induced complications One Step Beyond are promoting the release of their long awaited second cd "Beyond Good And Evil". Following this they will be releasing an EP of new material, and re-releasing their debut cd "Life Imitates Art", both through Australian label Grindhead Records.

The band currently perform as a 3 piece, featuring Justin Wood on vocals, Rufus on Guitars and songwriter/wordsmith Mad Matt on bass, vocals and beat programming. They are soon to be adding a second guitarist after the tragic passing of co-founder Jeremy Lammas in 2006, and are auditioning live drummers for the first time in their 10 year history.

One Step Beyond's debut CD Life Imitates Art was independently released in 2002 to international critical acclaim, leading Beyond zine (Belgium) to describe them as "the best and most original band hailing from Australia" and Vampire Mag (Holland) calling the CD "Sheer genius". The band has been interviewed and reviewed by press over 5 continents and has received air play in several countries. Initial response to Beyond Good And Evil has been superior even to their debut. It is being considered a positive progression in every respect.

One Step Beyond are now looking to increase their exposure worldwide through both the media and touring. They are intent on further refining their unique brand of extreme metal by building a back catalogue to rival that of Frank Zappa. Be sure not to miss the band Silent Scream Webzine (Italy) said would be "Destined to amaze every sincere metal fan".


Studio albums
- Life Imitates Art (2002)
- Beyond Good and Evil (2007)
- The Music of Chance (2014)

- '99 Demo (1999)

- Out with the Old (2010)


Current members:
Mad Matt - Bass, Vocals, Samples, Drum Programming
Justin Wood - Vocals
Conny Pettersson - Drums (2012-present)

Past members:
Rufus - Guitars (?-2012, ?-2008)
Jeremy Lammas - Guitars (R.I.P. 2006)
Doomsayer - Guitars (?-2012)
Ben Zotti - Drums (2010-2012)

One Step Beyond

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