Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Lithuania
Status: Active

OSSASTORIUM was founded in 2001. Started as a melodic metal band, OSSASTORIUM eventually evolved into harsh death metal, combining elements of techno and brutal death with a touch of dark melodies.

Despite numerous line-up changes, the band continued to grow musically and in a couple of years gained major popularity amongst Lithuanian metalheads.

OSSASTORIUM’s debut ep PER ASPERA... was released in early 2004 by Giljotina Records and gained good responses from listeners and musical press. PER ASPERA... was elected as „the best death metal album of the year“ in Lithuania.

In 2006 OSSASTORIUM self-released a full-length album INFERI and made a bunch of shows in Lithuania promoting the CD.

However, the band wasn't fully satisfied with the final production of INFERI so at the beginning of 2007 OSSASTORIUM decided to limit the number of live performances and concentrate on writing new material instead.

In 2008 recording session of a new album had begun. Surprisingly it took more than 3 years to complete it due to various complications. The biggest of them was the relocation of drummer Sergej to other town.

Finally the third OSSASTORIUM'S album EXPERGO was released in the early autumn of 2011.

OSSASTORIUM has shared the stage with such bands like: Vital Remains, Hate, Moonsorrow, Hollenthon, Ensiferrum, Resurrecturis, Skyforger, Neglected Fields and others.

OSSASTORIUM’s live powerful performances are filled with raw energy, hi-class musicianship and dark atmosphere.


Studio albums
- Inferi  (2006)
- Expergo  (2011)

- Per Aspera...  (2004)


Current members:
Vabalas - Bass
Rytis Paleckis - Guitars
Dellamorte - Guitars, Vocals
Vykintas Vainius - Drums (2016-present)

Past members:
Adulis - Drums
Sieras - Drums (?-2016)
Kornolio - Guitars
Ignas - Guitars
Paulius Vaitiekûnas - Guitars
Benediction - Guitars
Vytas - Keyboards


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