Pain Confessor

Pain Confessor

Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Origin: Finland
Status: Active

Finnish metal outfit Pain Confessor formed in 2002. The band quickly earned the attention of labels, and signed a three-album deal with Megamania in 2003. The group released its first full-length, Turmoil, in 2004, and quickly earned plaudits for its work, winning the Newcomer of the Year Award at the Sirkkelirock Metal Weekend in 2005. With singles blazing up the Finnish charts, Pain Confessor released album number two, Fearrage, in 2006. The album marked a first for the band, as it peaked well within the Top 40 on the album charts there. Their next album was preceded in release by the hit (number one, actually -- in Finland) single "Ne Plus Ultra." Their third album, Purgatory of the Second Sun, would break through to the Top 20 on the album charts in 2007. With their contract expired, Markku Kivisto (vocals), Mikko Kivisto (bass, vocals), Tuomas Kuusinen (guitars), Vesa Sakkinen (guitars), Pasi Laihanen (keyboards), and Mikko Laihanen (drums) spent the early days of 2008 looking for the next stepping stone to further glory.


Studio albums
- Turmoil  (2004)
- Fearrage  (2006)
- Purgatory of the Second Sun  (2007)
- Incarcerated  (2012)

- Promo 2003  (2003)
- Demo 2008  (2008)
- Demo 2009  (2009)

- Poor Man's Crown  (2004)
- Fall on Evil Days  (2006)
- Ne Plus Ultra  (2007)
- Jade / Hope  (2013)


Current members:
Janne Manninen - Drums
Joni Lahdenkauppi - Guitars
Lauri Heikkinen - Keyboards
Mikko Kivistö - Bass (2002-present)
Make Kivistö - Vocals (2002-present)
Tomy Laisto - Guitars (2013-present)

Past members:
Mikko Laihanen     Drums (2002-2012)
Vesa Säkkinen "Wesleyer"     Guitars (2002-2008)
Tuomas Kuusinen     Guitars (lead) (2002-2016)
Pasi Laihanen     Keyboards (2002-?)
Tommi Kurki     Guitars (2008-2010)
Samuli Federley     Guitars (2011-2012)
Aki Kuusinen     Drums (2012-?)
Jaakko Kunnas     Guitars (2012-2013)

Pain Confessor

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