Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Origin: Turkey
Status: Active

An impious trio decided to play morbid & malignant black thrash metal by keeping the perversion, death, chaos and satanism without compromise so Persecutory was the name of another death worship that emerged in ─░stanbul in 2014. Including the bastards Tyrannic Profanator (Sarinvomit, Horrocious) on vocals, Infectious Torment on guitars & bass, and Seismic (Sarinvomit) on drums, they recorded their debut EP "Perversion Feeds Our Force" in 2015. Band recorded 42 minutes of debut full-length between November 2016 - February 2017 with new line-up including Vulgargoat (guitars & back vocals) and A.D.B. (drums).


Studio album
- Towards the Ultimate Extinction (2017)

- Perversion Feeds Our Force (2016)


Current members:
Infectious Torment Guitars, Bass (2014-present)
Pervert Profanat├Âr Vocals (2014-present)
A.D.B Drums (2016-present)
Vulgargoat Guitars, Vocals (2016-present)

Past members:
Seismic Drums (2014-2016)
Depravator Bass (2015-2016)


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