Posthumous Blasphemer

Posthumous Blasphemer

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Origin: Belarus
Status: Active


Formed in 2001, Posthumous Blasphemer rapidly burst into metal underground with its promo tracks, which were successfully rotated on cult radio program like MASSA BRUTTO. Since 2003 were released 5 official CD-Albums, some of them were re-released.

Concert experience was obtained in conjunction with such bands as: PARRICIDE (Poland), MENTAL DEMISE (Ukraine), SCRAMBLED DEFUNCTS (Russia), DEAD INFECTION (Poland), FLESHLESS (Chech Republic), GUT (Germany), DYING FETUS (USA), KRISIUN (Brazil), SUFFOCATION (USA), CRYPTOPSY (Canada), SQUASH BOWELS (Poland), KATALEPSY (Russia), DEFEATED SANITY (Germany) and others well-known metal names.

The latest album "Exhumation of Sacred Impunity" (Coyote Records, 2014) deserves to be included in top of world technical brutal death metal releases and to take part in different compilations and hit lists. The material has allowed to expand concert activity in Europe, consolidating the status of the Belarusian metal bands.


Studio albums
- Avantground Undergrind  (2003)
- Putrespermfaction Versus Fertiholyzation  (2004)
- Crucified Humiliation  (2005)
- Fracture the Worship  (2008)
- Exhumation of Sacred Impunity  (2014)

- Damned Epiphany  (2005)

- Barbarity / Katalepsy / Smersh / Posthumous Blasphemer  (2004)
- Posthumous Blasphemer / Mutant Factor / Anal Nosorog / Prichudliviy Zarodish  (2005)
- ussian Basement  (2006)


Current members:
Alex - Bass
Dan - Drums
Fiendharon - Guitars
Zubov - Vocals
Anton Zhikharev - Bass (2016-present)

Past members:
Horus - Bass
Yaroslav - Bass
Nokteronith - Vocals (2002-2003)

Posthumous Blasphemer

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