Pungent Stench

Pungent Stench

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Austria
Status: Disputed

Hailing from Vienna, Pungent Stench began as a musical project in February 1988. They released a split LP with Disharmonic Orchestra and a 7" EP entitled Extreme Deformity in 1989. Their increasing popularity among fans of extreme, grotesque music soon convinced them to become a permanent unit comprising of Alex Wank (Mr. Stench) on drums, Jacek Perkowski (Pitbull Jack) on bass, and charismatic frontman Martin Schirenc (El Cochino) on vocals and guitar. After an overlooked first album entitled For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh, Pungent Stench released the critically acclaimed Been Caught Buttering, responsible for introducing the bands distinctive style to fans of metal worldwide.

Although the death metal genre has always been fixated with blood and guts, Pungent Stench took things one step further with a level of sickness that showed a certain morbid flamboyance. Their macabre sense of humor ran rampant throughout their grotesque lyrics and cover artwork, while touring commitments with Type O Negative, Incantation, Master, Acid Bath, Brutal Truth and Macabre helped to spread their warped messages around the world. Later releases, such as the 1993 MCD Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats, highlighted the rock and even groove-related elements in their death metal cocktail. Club Mondo Bizarre - For Members Only, released in 1994, revealed further development in the band's unique approach.

Pungent Stench parted ways in 1995, giving their fans a farewell gift in 1997 of no longer available recordings and forgotten tracks entitled Praise the Names of the Musical Assassins. Three years later, the band announced their reformation sans Pitbull Jack, who was replaced by Marius (a.k.a. Reverend Mausna) of Belphegor fame. The release of Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin followed not even a year later. Simultaneously, Nuclear Blast re-released Been Caught Buttering and Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats, both replete with bonus tracks and redesigned booklets. As is apparent by the release of Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin, the members of Pungent Stench have retained their controversial approach to music. In the year of our Lord 2001, Don Cochino, Rector Stench, and Reverend Mausna present the results of divine intervention in a bold new light by skillfully combining death and thrash metal influences with the teachings of the Church of the Pungent Stench. Many shows & tours happened to support Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin in the best possible way. Festivals around Europe like Wacken, With Full Force, Summer Breeze, Aerodrome etc. and also tours in Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, England, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc and also overseas like Australia, New Zealand and the Us of A. In the beginning of 2004 Reverend Mausna decided to leave the band for different reasons. The band was forced to find immediately a replacement and succeeded in Fabio Testi, a South Tyrolean/Italian bloke, and he joined in February 2004. The Band had already completed the songwriting for their new effort and due to rehearsal commitments for all the necessary old Songs it was decided that Don Cochino is also recording the Bass for the new CD. In February/March the recording sessions took place and the result is their latest effort to date Ampeauty. Released September 2004 again on Nuclear Blast Records the band is touring constantly since then all around the world. Festivals and shows in Austria, Slowenia, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Slovakia with Fabio Testi until the end of 2004. In December Cochino & Stench decide to kick out Testi due to the reason that this guy just doesn't fit to the band in general. Once again Reverend Mausna joined, but due to his duties as a father he decided to settle down and spend more time with his family! We have already found a replacement and we are very confident that our new bass player - El Gore - will fit perfectly into the band!

New songwriting is in the work and several plans for future releases. Keep and eye (and your nose) on the Stench for many things to come!

By August 2007 it was reported that Pungent Stench have split up due to internal reasons. The band's as of yet untitled sixth album is recorded, but so far no label or release date have been announced.


Studio albums
- For God Your Soul... for Me Your Flesh (1990)
- Been Caught Buttering (1991)
- "Club Mondo Bizarre" For Members Only (1994)
- Masters of Moral - Servants of Sin (2001)
- Ampeauty (2004)

- Mucous Secretion (1988)

- Extreme Deformity (1989)
- Shisyu (1991)
- Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats (1993)

- Pungent Stench / Disharmonic Orchestra (1989)
- Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice / Confess All Goodness (1990)
- Loot, Shoot, Electrocute / The Temple of Set (2001)

- Video la Muerte (1993)

- Praise the Names of the Musical Assassins (1997)


Current members:
Rector Stench - Drums (1988-1995, 2001-2007)
Don Cochino - Guitars, Vocals (1988-1995, 2001-2007)
El Gore - Bass (2006-2007)

Past members:
Pitbull Jack - Bass (1988-1995)
Reverend Mausna - Bass (2001-2004)
Fabio Testi - Bass (2004)

Pungent Stench

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