Putrid Offal

Putrid Offal

Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore
Origin: France
Status: Active

Born dead in 1990, PUTRID OFFAL was one of the very first Goregrind // Gore Death/Grind act to ever emerge from the rotten bowels of France.

A first demo, "Unborned", got quickly released and gained the attention of US label Seraphic Decay who released (part of) it as a split 7" EP with AGATHOCLES in 1991.

Many compilation appearances worldwide started to have the infamous stench of the putrid offals spreading worldwide and got the attention of Dutch label Sicktone Records who released the band's classic split with Switzerland's EXULCERATION later this same year (1991) quickly followed by a CD version on France's Adipocere Records in 1992.

That same year, Northern France label Underground Records stepped in and released a "local bands" compilation that became quite cult within the French underground and beyond, "Obscurum Per Obscurius", also featuring the likes of DAGON, KRHOMADEATH, NOCTURNAL FEARS, SEPULCHRAL, SUPURATION.

A promotape got recorded in 1994 but the band already started to explore new musical territories including colder industrial influences such as GODFLESH and finally changed name to become M.PHERAL.

20 years forward, reformed since a couple months, PUTRID OFFAL, now signed to Kaotoxin Records, released a collector "comeback single" titled "Suffering" featuring three versions of the title song (1991, 2014 "demo" and 2015 album version) along with the first PUTRID OFFAL original in 20 years, "Livor Mortis".

A couple months later, in 2015, the band released its debut full-length at long last, "Mature Necropsy" which basically is a collection of all the songs ever written by the band in the 90's, completely re-written and newly recorded, to great media and public acclaim alike.

A few weeks later, Kaotoxin released "Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues", a "discography" collection of all the 90's original PUTRID OFFAL material.

Since then, the band is constantly appearing on the European festivals' stages... until the corpse gets back to its grave to record the forthcoming nauseating collection of rotten hymns planned to be released sometimes in 2017.


Studio album
- Mature Necropsy (2015)

- Unformed (1991)
- Promo 94 (1994)

- Suffering (2014)
- Anatomy (2017)

- At the Sight of the Foul Offal... / Untitled (1991)
- Infernal Disgust / Premature Necropsy (1991)
- Obscurum per Obscurius (1992)

- Premature Necropsy (2015)


Current members:
Laye Louhenapessy - Drums
Fred Houriez - Bass (1991-1994, 2013-present)
Franck Peiffer - Guitars, Vocals (1991-1994), Guitars, Vocals, Drum Programming (2013-present)
Philippe Reinhalter - Guitars (2013-present)

Past members:
Boris Reisdorff - Drums
Jean-Marie M - Drums
J.C. Rennart - Guitars
Ludovic Loez - Drums (1991-?)

Putrid Offal

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