Recueil Morbide

Recueil Morbide

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Origin: France
Status: Active

Founded in 2000, the corrosively expressive band Recueil Morbide have carved a path for themselves after being plucked by Great Dane Records - have now released their fifth album entitled “Morbid Collection” its brutal entrails are savaged by captivating seething vocals of madness, in the form of fast guitars that squeal in urgent pain that hold an ever increasing malevolent vibe!


Studio albums
- Hurt by Human Race  (2002)
- Waste of Senses  (2006)
- A Neverending Fight  (2008)
- Only Hate Left  (2011)
- Morbid Collection  (2015)

- Mental Torture  (2000)
- Never Morbid Enough  (2002)

- Flow of Suffering  (2004)
- Recueil Morbide  (2006)


Current members:
Sylvain Chambard - Drums (2000-present)
Marc Petit - Guitars (2000-present)
Johan Gaiffe - Bass (2008-present)
Jérôme Mercklé - Vocals (2008-present)
Will - Guitars (2011-present)

Past members:
Flo - Guitars
J-Fi - Bass, Keyboards (2000-?)
Panthus - Guitars (lead) (2000-?)
Mickey - Vocals (2000-2007)
Beber - Guitars (2004-2010)

Recueil Morbide

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