Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: On hold

Repugnant was formed by guitarist and vocalist Mary Goore in June 1998. The following eighteen months saw the band establish themselves in the global underground circuit with debut demo cassette "Spawn of Pure Malevolence" and 7'ep "Hecatomb" selling thousands worldwide.

In 2000, the band signed to Dutch record label Hammerheart Records with the intention of releasing a full length album on the label. However, due to sudden line-up changes and the overall inexperience of the band of how to handle dysfunctional personnel situations (which in turn lead to a postponement of the intentional album recording), Repugnant was found a wee bit too difficult to work with for Hammerheart and was therefore released from the contract.

In order to restore order and refine their act, a new line-up of Repugnant took a step back from the full length plans and released a second demo cassette; "Draped in Cerecloth" in September 2001.
This four song recording attracted even further recognition in the underground and lead to the collaboration with another Dutch label, whom took upon them to release Repugnants' debut album; "Epitome of Darkness".

Unfortunately, the album was extensively delayed and in the wake of its.. arrival, Repugnant collapsed after a tour in the spring of 2004.

In 2010, six years later - Repugnant returned.


Studio albums
- Epitome of Darkness  (2006)

- Spawn of Pure Malevolence  (1999)
- Draped in Cerecloth  (2001)

- Hecatomb  (1999)
- Premature Burial  (2004)

- Dunkel besatthet  (2002)
- Live in Stockholm 21.03.2003  (2003)


Current members:
Mary Goore - Vocals, Guitars (1998-2004, 2010)
G. Grotesque - Bass (2010)
E. Forcas - Drums (2010)
DD Sars - Guitars (2010)

Past members:
Karl Envall - Bass (1998-1999)
Chris Piss - Drums (1998-2000)
Roy Morbidson - Bass (1999-2000)
Sid E. Burns - Guitars (1999-2004)
Carlos Sathanas - Bass (2000-2004)
Tom Bones - Drums (2000-2004)


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