Genre: Death Metal
Origin: United Kingdom
Status: Active

In the pillared city of Ur, the horns of misfortune resound. Men cry war from mountainous battlements, bladed chariots muster in their thousands and common men beg the mercy of pitiless Gods. This is the essence of Sarpanitum: an unstoppable siege-engine of blackened death forged in the cradle of civilisation.

Sarpanitum formed in Birmingham, England A.D. 2003, beneath the vigilant gaze of band hierophant Andy Techakosit. Rooted in self-acquired lore of Ancient Babylonia, Sumeria and Akkadia, the founder could do little but translate his fascination with mythology and ancient civilisation into music - the rightful medium for the Mesopotamian epic, Despoilment Of Origin. Plagued by terrible omens and numerous lineup changes, Techakosit (vocals / bass) would soon find staunch musical allies and Despoilment Of Origin is the fruit of their slaving labour; an eloquently guttural performance of mythological blackened death metal that leaves only ashes in its wake.

Their achievements as an unsigned, young band have been nothing short of glorious and led them to sign with Galactic Records. Having appeared with monumental entities including Decapitated, Insision, Visceral Bleeding and Macabre, they earned a slot at the annual Neurotic Records Deathfest in 2006 in Eindhoven, Holland, a high-profile event for the world's most prestigious death-metal warlords. Side-by-side with the likes of Psycroptic, Insidious Decrepancy, Gorerotted, Avulsed and Prostitute Disfigurement, Sarpanitum tasted bloody triumph at what can only be described as one of death metal's most barbaric live events. Following brutal military subjugation,
Kerrang! Magazine declared Sarpanitum "The new kings of the British Metal Underground,"and clearly submitted to extortionate tribute with their astounding KKKK live review. Masterful. Archaic. Decadent.


Studio albums
- Despoilment of Origin  (2007)
- Blessed Be My Brothers...  (2015)

- The Agushaya Hymn  (2003)
- Demo 2004  (2004)
- Despoilment of Origin  (2005)

- Fidelium  (2011)


Current members:
Tom Innocenti - Keyboards, Vocals (2003-present), Guitars (2005-present)
Tom Hyde - Guitars (2003-present)
Leon Macey - Drums (2012-present)

Past members:
Barry French - Drums (?-2005)
Phil Mosley - Drums
Sean Broster - Drums (?-2010)
Mark Broster - Guitars, Vocals (?-2010)
Jack Galbraith - Guitars, Vocals
Dan Lowndes - Vocals
Andy Techakosit - Vocals, Bass
Luke Archer - Guitars (2010-?)
Steve Powell - Drums (2011-2012)


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