Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: United Kingdom
Status: Active

Scythian formed in 2004 - a reaction to the insufferable music of their times. Sworn against the exaltation of "worship-bands" and copy-artists, they took up arms to obliterate the criminal sounds of the UK metal scene - and stamp them into the earth.

Battling with self-contradiction, the band combined its early musical influences to establish an identity that would set them apart from the herd. Though it reeked of Bathory, Sodom and Morbid Angel, the result was one of primitive individualism:

"Suffering to the Conquered" a six-track demo in 2007 would earn the band rave reviews and a series of gig appearances which would take them from London to Crimea, Ukraine - the birthplace of their namesake.

After searching for a label, the band secured an album deal with Necroterror Records (Cyprus), who would release their debut "To Those Who Stand Against Us" in late 2009. After gigging with the likes of Impiety, Destroyer 666, Negura Bunget, Negative Plane, Mayhem, Samael and countless others they would record a split 7" with Greek black metal legends, Kawir.

"Grunwald / Titanomaxia" was embraced and released by Anastasis Valtsanis, a master of modern death metal and patron of Nuclear Winter Records (Gre) in 2011.

As of 2013, Scythian are hard at work on their second studio album...


Studio albums
- To Those Who Stand Against Us...  (2009)
- Hubris in Excelsis  (2015)

- Suffering to the Conquered...  (2007)

- Grunwald / Τιτανομαχία  (2011)


Current members:
S. Vrath - Bass (2004-2008, 2013-present), Vocals (2004-present), Guitars (2008-2011)
A. Von M - Guitars (2004-present)

Past members:
G. Kul-Oba - Guitars
J. C. Volgard - Drums, Vocals (backing) (2004-2012), Drums (2013-2015)
Alexandros - Bass (2008-2013)
B. Iron - Guitars (2011-2012)


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