Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Chile
Status: Active

Siaskel was born in 2003, starting as a project between K'hmal Jauke on bass and Sinn Hayek on drums. After 2 years of a changing line-up, the band recruited Ma'hai Jippen, who became an essential member of Siaskel. Years passed and different members as well, giving birth to a demo released on the year 2010. Second guitarist, Oblimink, was added on the line up in 2008 and the present vocalist, Gorrge, was recruited in the year 2011.

On this complete and final line-up, a full-length album was recorded between the years 2010/2011. After different logistic problems, the band decides to self-release the first album. Jatenentolpen Thejin finally saw the light on March 21, 2014.

Siaskel summons an ominous legacy through mythology and cosmogony of Selk'nam Culture. All music, lyrics and ideology of Siaskel is related to historic, religious and astral conceptions of those who rose in the most cold, hostile and southern lands of earth.


Studio albums
- Jatenentolpen Thejin (2014)
- Haruwen Airen (2016)

- Nar Kra Hohopen - Promo 2010 (2010)

- Promo Advance 2014 (2014)


Current members:
K'hmal Jauke - Bass (2003-present)
Sinn Hayek - Drums (2003-present)
Ma'hai Jippen - Guitars (lead) (2005-present)
Gorrge - Vocals (2011-present)

Past members:
Oblimink - Guitars (rhythm) (2008-2015)
Mortal Sorceress - Vocals (2008-2010)


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