Genre: Death/Black/Doom Metal
Origin: Netherlands
Status: Active

A suffocating darkness eclipses the world as Soulburn rise anew...

Originally, Soulburnemerged after the demise of Dutch death metal legend Asphyx in the mid 90's, when founding members Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums) looked for a seperate outlet to unleash their mutual obsession with Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost and unite it with a dark, doomy and primal death metallic twist. After a demo and the cult "Feeding On Angels" debut album via Century Media Records in 1998, which featured Wannes Gubbels (Pentacle) on vocals/bass, Soulburn were put to rest and seemed to be a mere transitional act before Asphyx achieved a short-lived return for "On The Wings Of Inferno" (2000) with the same line-up.

Soulburn was dead, buried, but not forgotten...

And now, 16 years after their debut album, the blackened Death Metal merchants return to the surface by signing a new worldwide recording agreement with Century Media Records in their new line-up shape that again features the core of Eric Daniels (guitars) and Bob Bagchus (drums), teaming up with Twan van Geel (Flesh Made Sin, Legion Of The Damned) as vocalist/bassist and Remco Kreft (Grand Supreme Blood Court, Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph) as second guitarist.

Soulburn drummer and founder Bob Bagchus checked in with the following comment about their return: "Bringing Soulburn back to life was a natural thing to do since the inspiration was huge, more than ever before. Playing the old songs as well as the new incantations is a blessing. The riffs and thus the songs kept coming and coming and we knew we were on the right track. The new deal with our longtime label Century Media Records was the next logical step…"

Soulburn sophomore album, "The Suffocating Darkness", will be released as of November 17th, 2014 via Century Media Records. The album was recorded with Harry Wijering (Harrow Productions), mix/mastering duties were taken over by Dan Swanö (Unisound Recordings) and the artwork was designed by Timo Ketola as well as Roberto Toderico.


Studio albums
- Feeding on Angels  (1998)
- The Suffocating Darkness  (2014)
- Earthless Pagan Spirit  (2016)

- Soulburn  (1996)

- Imperial Anthems No. 17  (2015)


Current members:
Eric Daniels - Guitars (1996-1999, 2013-present)
Bob Bagchus - Drums (1997-1999, 2013-present)
Twan van Geel - Bass, Vocals (2014-present)
Remco Kreft - Guitars (2014-present)

Past members:
Theo Loomans - Bass, Vocals (1997-?) (R.I.P. 1998)
Wannes Gubbels - Bass, Vocals (1997-1999)
Henri Sattler - Bass, Vocals (2013-2014), Guitars (2014)
Rogga Johansson - Guitars (2013-2014)


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