Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

Souldrainer was born 1998 in a studio as a three man project and recorded the first material 2000. (Johan Klitkou - Vocals, Nils Fjellström - Drums, Marcus Edvardsson - Guitars). The goal was songs of the slower kind but with an attitude and brutality never approached before. The foundation was Death Metal with additional strings and huge church choirs that made it evil and beautiful at the same time in a morbid mixture. It creates a feeling of dying violently in a beautiful way.

Time passed and the songs became more and more popular among the people and the fan base grew. This encouraged Souldrainer to plan live gigs and to record even more songs for the public. The three piece band could not make it in a live gig so more musicians were needed. During this time some musicians had already showed their interest in the band and even had new music ideas for Souldrainer.

2003 was a turning point for Souldrainer. Additional musicians (Daniel Dlimi - Guitars, Joakim Wassberg - Bass) officially joined the band and it took Souldrainer to a new existence. Live gigs were made and new songs were written.

2005 the first official release, a three track Mini CD titled First Row In Hell. This MCD was a taste from the upcoming full length debut album Reborn that was finished later. Labels, magazines and concert halls received this recording and the response was huge. Journalists praised it with full scores and labels started to show interest.
The full length album Reborn was finished 2005 before any label laid hands on Souldrainer.

Nils had less time for Souldrainer since it became a live act and was no longer just a studio project. He needed to put more priority on his other main band and decided to quit. Arttu Malkki entered the drum throne and became a member of Souldrainer.

2006 Souldrainer inked a deal with Mascot Records and the debut album was released May 2007.

2007 Johan Klitkou - Vocals, chose to leave the band.

2008 Guitarist Marcus took over the vocals


Studio albums
- Reborn  (2007)
- Heaven's Gate  (2011)
- Architect  (2014)

- Daemon II Daemon  (2002)
- Promo 2004  (2004)
- First Row in Hell  (2005)

- Revolt III  (2012)

- The Bitch and the Machine  (2010)


Current members:
Marcus Edvardsson - Guitars, Vocals (1999-present)
Jocke Wassberg - Bass, Vocals (2003-present)
Hugo Nylander - Drums (2013-present)

Past members:
Nils Fjellström - Drums (1999-2005)
Johan Klitkou - Vocals (2000-2007)
Daniel Dlimi - Guitars (2003-2010)
Arttu Malkki - Drums (2005-2011)
Sverker Berggren - Drums (2012-2013)


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