Splattered Mermaids

Splattered Mermaids

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Split-up

Formed in early 2005 by Martin Schönherr (RazorRape, Gorgosaur, ex-Deranged, Virgin Sin) and Johan Bergström (ex-Havok, Resonance Cascade). Splattered Mermaids started out as a funny grindband 2005, but soon became a crazy grind outfit and signed their first record deal in 2007. Their first album "Stench of Flesh" was released 2008 through Czech label Bizarre Leprous Production. They have played alot of places, all the way from Sweden through many European countries and festivals (Antitrend, Obscene Extreme just to name a few). They toured Cuba in two weeks summer 2013 and released their second fullength "Reforged In Gore" 2013. In 2015 Splattered Mermaids will disband due to various reasons and it has been 10 years of cool memories and crazyness. Last EP "Dissolved In A Bath of Acid" was released June 2015 through Goregeous Productions.


Studio albums
- Stench of Flesh (2008)
- Reforged in Gore (2013)

- Bloodfreak (2005)
- Creation of Wounds (2006)
- Dissolved in a Bath of Acid (2015)

- Illegal Grinding - An International Grindcore Gathering (2009)


Last known lineup:
Martin "Body" Eklöv - Bass
Martin Schönherr - Drums
Johan Hallberg - Guitars
Johan Bergström - Vocals

Splattered Mermaids

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