Subliminal Fear

Subliminal Fear

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Italy
Status: Active

SUBLIMINAL FEAR was formed in 2001, by Ivano (drums), Alessio (bass) and Carmine (vocal). The band immediately seemed party to Death Metal in its melodic connotation, without forgetting speed and the aggressive sound.

In 2002 Doddo (guitar) was added to the band, in early steps toward a great internal stability. Subsequently the band has the first live experiences that gave positive responses.
In 2004 Enzo (guitar) was added to complete the band; the songs were modified using two guitars, and new songs show new influences.

The band, finding concrete stability, made their first demo in November 2004, recorded in Nicola Lonigro's Half Moon Studios (Bari).
They search for continuous experimentation to attain a personal sound, trying to realize something that goes beyond melodic death, sometimes reflective and very aggressive, in line with the lyrics. The lyrics are based primarily on the existential fears, and on the subconscious effects that derive from them. The band's first demo was sent around in a few copies to some magazines and some labels. The band plays some more gigs in local places with good response from people.

At the end of 2005, Ivano (drums) decides to amicably leave the band, and the search for a new drummer begins. Besides some good reviews in the Euro mags it also attains interest from the Greek label Burning Star Records, and they sign a deal for their debut album in the beginning of 2006.

The band begins to work on the songs that will become album no.1 In February of 2006 Marco Albanese becomes new drummer, he has already played with Subliminal Fear as session in the past and Enzo (guitar) leaves the band for personal and music incompatibilities.

In September of 2006 Subliminal Fear played at Total Metal Festival in Noicattaro (BA), a great festival in south Italy with bands like Necrodeath, Rain, DGM and Highlord and many good local bands. Estremarte realized a DVD from this event out in 2007, with all the bands that played in it, with an inedit song from Subliminal Fear called "Stare" from their upcoming debut album.
They enter 16th Cellar Studio in Rome with producer Stefano Morabito (Hour Of Penance, Eyeconoclast, Enemynside, Theater of the Vampires, Necrotorture) to record their debut album Uncoloured World Dying between April and May in 2007.

The full-length debut is released in October to more positive responses. The artwork has been crafted by Davide Nadalin from Nerve Design (Nile, Sadist, Extrema, Threshold, Blinded Colony). After a period with the band, guest-appearing on Uncoloured World Dying and for his ability with his guitar, Alfredo Mameli joins as new guitar player.


Studio albums
- Uncoloured World Dying  (2007)
- One More Breath  (2012)
- Escape from Leviathan  (2016)

- Demo 2005  (2005)


Current members:
Alessio Morella - Bass (2001-present)
Domenico Murgolo - Guitars (2001-2009, 2011-present)
Carmine Cristallo - Vocals (2001-2009, 2013-present)
Ruggiero Scassano - Drums (2015-present)
Matteo De Bellis - Vocals (harsh) (2015-present)

Past members:
Ivano Del Re - Drums (2001-2005)
Enzo Di Palma - Guitars (2001-2006)
Marco Albanese - Drums (2006-2015)
Alfredo Mameli - Guitars (2007-2013)
Vastator Mentis - Vocals (2008)
Armando Casolino - Guitars (2009-2011)
Savino Fiorella - Vocals (2009-2013)

Subliminal Fear

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