Sweet Sorrow

Sweet Sorrow

Genre: Heavy Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Origin: Slovenia
Status: Active

Sweet sorrow is a Slovenian metal band with quite a rich history. The band has played more than 150 shows across the Europe, changed a lot of members, released four albums, one single and shot 4 music videos. Still the most important thing is that the beast that lives within Sweet Sorrow is stronger than ever…
For the bio before changing the music style from heavy metal to melodic death metal visit our homepage www.sweet-sorrow.com and read all about it.
Soon after changing the music style the band started working with full force and recorded the album Northland, which got quite good reviews in Slovenian magazines. The album was represented on the Negligent Sorrow tour (tour with Slovenian thrash metal band Negligence, which is now signed with Metal Blade records). This tour is still the biggest Slovenian metal tour ever (15 shows). 2 years later Sweet Sorrow recorded their single I Am Pain followed by their fourth album 1000th Millennium, which reached very good reviews all across the world. On this occasion band shot a music video for God Of War and played a German-Austrian-Croatian-Slovenian tour (8 shows). They appeared on TV, in RockHard, Master magazine and Metal planet.
In 2010 Sweet Sorrow had the opportunity to play on one of the biggest festivals in Europe - EXIT festival. 2010 also brought a very noticeable change in the band: Ragnar Belial Us (founding member and bassist every lineup) left the band after almost 15 jears and was replaced by Miha Oblišar. The band was left without any original members, but as we all know what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so as said before:
The beast that lies within Sweet Sorrow is stronger than ever and is coming for you right now!


Studio albums
- Breaking the Silence  (1998)
- On Life and Death  (2001)
- Northland  (2006)
- 1000th Millennium  (2009)

- I Am Pain  (2008)

- Live at KUD  (2008)


Current members:
Peter "Pero" Carič - Guitars (rhythm) (1999-present)
Peter "Rope" Gale - Drums, Guitars, Vocals (2002-present)
Jan Švigelj - Guitars (2004, 2015-present)
Gorazd "Mačk" Maček - Bass (2012-present)
Robert "Šero" Šercer - Vocals (2014-present)

Past members:
Ragnar Belial Us - Bass (1996-2010)
Mitja Radic - Drums (1996-1999)
Uroš Kejžar - Guitars (1996-1997)
Sebastjan Pregelj - Vocals (1996-2002)
Helmut Frangeš - Guitars (1997)
Žiga Hodnik - Guitars (1997-2002)
Urša Kavsek - Vocals (1997-1998)
Aleš Berlot - Drums (1999-2002)
Simon Dudnjik - Guitars (2003)
Valentin Bufolin - Vocals (2003-2006)
Rok Marolt - Guitars (2004-2005)
Jernej "Joco" Vrečar - Guitars (2006-2008)
Marko "Mare" Košmrlj - Guitars, Vocals (2007-2012)
Nejc "Kuzo" Kuzmic - Vocals (2007)
Blaž Loncar - Guitars (2008-2010)
Miha "Obleey" Oblišar - Bass, Vocals (backing) (2010-2012)

Sweet Sorrow

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