Temple Nightside

Temple Nightside

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Australia
Status: Active

Temple Nightside is a Black/Death Metal band from Australia. Formed in 2010, The band released its first demo "Prophecies of Malevolence" in 2011 on Adverse Order Music on cassette and CD, 12' Vinyl MLP released by Nuclear Winter Records.

Released a split vinyl 7' entitled "Cogitating Vacuous" with Antediluvian(Canada) and released by Nuclear Winter Records. Comes with two-sided mini poster. Limited to 500 copies (Black Vinyl).
Second pressing also on Nuclear Winter Records limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl.


Studio albums
- Condemnation (2013)
- The Hecatomb (2016)

- Prophecies of Malevolence (2011)

- Cogitating Vacuous (2012)
- Call of the Maelstrom (2015)
- Ancient Meat Revived - A Tribute to Cold Meat Industry (2016)

Boxed Set
- Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy (2015)


Current members:
V. Kusabs - Bass
Mordance - Drums
BR - Guitars
IV - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards

Past members:
Basilysk - Drums

Temple Nightside

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