The Drowning

The Drowning

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
Origin: United Kingdom
Status: Active

The Drowning are not just a general metal based band, with the members all having there own influences, the bands inspiration has come from the darker ambient side of music with the likes of the above bands influence being heard in many of the The Drowning's songs.

The band have also incorporated the use of acoustic guitars and keyboard effects to create the darker edged atmosphere in most of The Drowning's tracks which makes them hard to compare with bands from the same genre.

The heavier side of The Drowning comes from many of the dark, death, black metal band genres past and present which have a strong influence on many of the band members.


Studio albums
- When the Light Was Taken from Us  (2006)
- This Bleak Descent  (2008)
- Fall Jerusalem Fall  (2011)
- Senescent Signs  (2016)

- Withered  (2005)

- Black Lights & Silent Roads  (2010)


Current members:
Bunny - Bass
Steve Hart - Drums
Jason Hodges - Guitars
Mike Hitchen - Guitars
Matt Small - Vocals

Past members:
Mal Perkins - Bass
Rhys - Drums
James Moore - Vocals

The Drowning

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