The Order of Apollyon

The Order of Apollyon

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: France
Status: Active

Conceived in summer 2008 by former ABORTED members Daniel Wilding (drums) and B.S.T. (vocals), THE ORDER OF APOLLYON took on the role of the Celebrant of the Word of the Lord. The project is more than a simple extreme metal band; it is a musical covenant. The message is profoundly religious and adheres to strict paramilitary imagery while the music draws from elements of the ambient martial scene.

The band began work on the first offering following the induction of guitarist James McIlroy (CRADLE OF FILTH) and bassist Peter Benjamin (ACKERCOCKE). The opus, entitled “The Flesh”, concentrates on the passage from the spiritual to the material. THE ORDER OF APOLLYON embarked on self-producing the album, recording the drums in the UK and the rest of the instruments in the notoriously sinister BST Studio.

The band is a channel for delivering a harmonic covenant with The Lord that is honest as well as organic. The Messenger delivers an actual soul, unlike the clinical sounding productions that intoxicate the metal industry. The Order’s first release aspires to praise the extreme metal scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s.

The cult of Apollyon is set on dessiminating the message of our God the Supreme Being. It will drive the masses to accept the indubitable domination of the Holy Spirit and to repent their sins before the impending Judgement. The disloyal scum shall writhe in Eternal Suffering, while a chosen elite shall bathe in glory and rapture. Unconditional devotion is the key.

With a rank of reputable musicians and potent iconography, THE ORDER OF APOLLYON intends to propagate its divine philosophy across the entire world so as to reach a wider audience. The mission is to convert as many blind infidels as possible and to lead devotees to their salvation.

For his Name. For his Glory. For his Victory.

Judgement is upon us. Join The Order.


Studio albums
- The Flesh  (2010)
- The Sword and the Dagger  (2015)

- VI / Temple of Baal / The Order of Apollyon  (2017)


Current members:
B.S.T. - Vocals, Guitars (2008-present)
S.K. - Drums (2014-present)
S.R. - Guitars, Vocals (2014-present)
A.K. - Bass, Vocals (2016-present)

Past members:
Peter Benjamin - Bass, Vocals
James McIlroy - Guitars
Daniel Wilding - Drums (2008-?)
F.D. - Bass, Vocals (2014-2016)

The Order of Apollyon

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