The Unguided

The Unguided

Genre: Melodic Groove Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

The band was put together following Richard's departure from Sonic Syndicate because of their musical direction. He wanted to continue making the music he had planned for Sonic Syndicate in the first place, therefore he and also former singer Roland Johansson together with Roger Sjunnesson, current Sonic Syndicate guitarist, formed The Unguided.


Studio albums
- Hell Frost  (2011)
- Fragile Immortality  (2014)
- Lust and Loathing  (2016)

- Nightmareland  (2011)
- invaZion  (2012)
- Fallen Angels  (2014)
- Brotherhood  (2016)

- Betrayer of the Code  (2011)
- Inherit the Earth  (2011)
- Phoenix Down  (2012)
- Deathwalker  (2012)
- Inception  (2013)

Boxed Set
- Pandora's Box - The Ultimate Hell Frost Collection  (2012)


Current members:
Roger Sjunnesson - Guitars (rhythm), Keyboards (2010-present)
Richard Sjunnesson - Vocals (harsh) (2010-present)
Henric Carlsson - Bass (2011-present)
Richard Schill - Drums (2012-present)
Jonathan Thorpenberg - Vocals (clean), Guitars (2016-present)

Past members:
Roland Johansson - Vocals (clean), Guitars (lead) (2010-2016)
John Bengtsson - Drums (2011-2012)

The Unguided

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