Theory in Practice

Theory in Practice

Genre: Technical Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

Swedish technical monsters THEORY IN PRACTICE was brought to existence in July 1995. Founded by Henrik(Drums), Peter (Guitar), and Matias (bass/keyboards), Johan (vocals/guitars) was soon added to the original trio.

During May 96, the band decided to record a demo after spending half a year with rehearsals and live performances. The demo 'submissive' was recorded at the Abyss studio engineered by owner and famous band member of HYPOCRISY : P. Tätgreen. That demo entered the top ten in 1996 in CLOSE UP magazine as well as getting a great reviews all over Europe.

Followed a recording contract with Singapore based PULVERISED records that resulted in the debut album 'Third eye function', recorded at Sunlight studio in Stockholm.

Released in 1997, the album received positive thunderous reviews in all the press. Unfortunately, Johan decided to leave the band after the release of the debut album. It didn't tarnish the band's enthusiasm in getting better musicians and getting ready for the second album 'The Armageddon theories', recorded in 1998. The new opus showed improvement in creativity as well as production. Henrik then took the vocals duty and Peter played all the guitars.

In 1999, 'The Armageddon theories' was released and awoke the interest of many European labels. The band decided to switch to LISTENABLE records which eventually re-released the second album with a new packaging. 'The Armageddon theories' received critical acclaim worldwide and amounted comfortable sales.

Now in 2001, THEORY IN PRACTICE is striking again with a new crusade : 'Colonising the sun'. Peter and the band produced the album in his own studio HANGAR 18. in Sweden. 'Colonising the sun' shows the band even more mature than ever by incorporating classical music influenced arrangements and a somewhat more melodic however more straight forward approach. With closing the album with a surprising SPARK cover, the band shows their passion for 70s music and prove to be good entertainers. Because their music speaks for itself, they don't need anything else than letting the music speaks….like good musical entertainers.

In December 2002 the band officially announced an extensive break.


Studio albums
- Third Eye Function  (1997)
- The Armageddon Theories  (1999)
- Colonizing the Sun  (2002)

- Submissive  (1996)

- Crescendo Dezign  (2017)

- Evolving Transhumanism  (2015)


Current members:
Peter Lake - Guitars (1995-2002, 2015-present), Bass (2015-present)
Patrik Sjöberg - Drums (2000-2002, 2015-present)
Andreas Lyngmo - Vocals (2015-present)

Past members:
Mattias Engstrand - Bass, Keyboards (1995-2002)
Henrik Ohlsson - Drums (1995-2000), Vocals (lead) (1998-2002)
Johan Ekman - Guitars, Vocals (1995-1997)
Daniel Bryntse - Vocals (lead) (1998)

Theory in Practice

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