Thy Catafalque

Thy Catafalque

Genre: Avant-garde Metal
Origin: Hungary
Status: Active

Thy Catafalque was born in 1998 in Makó, a small town in Hungary playing black metal by Tamás Kátai (also from Gire) and János Juhász. Just after their first and only demo KaOtic Productions decided to release their first album in 1999 entitled Sublunary Tragedies, followed by the second record Microcosmos in 2001.

Throughout the passing years the music became more and more experimental with deep touches of electronic and folkloric influences feeding from their homeland in Central Europe. Meanwhile KaOtic Productions ceased to exist and the third album, Tűnő Idő Tárlat (An Exhibition of Vanishing Time) came to sunlight as a self-financed release in 2004. By this time lyrics turned to Hungarian and music turned out to be the most diverse and colourful experimentum coming out from the band.

This world was painted with more vivid colours in the 2009 release entitled Róka Hasa Rádió by Czech label, Epidemie Records. The main concept behind the album is the relationship between the ever evolving, solid and massive physical matter and the fragileness of all living spirits throughout distant childhood memories and scientific explanations of nature. Revolving, rotating movements of past and future, colours, sounds, long lost scents theough a weird transmission from a timeless radio. Guest appearences from musicians of Woodland Choir, The Moon And The Nightspirit and Gire.

In 2011 Thy Catafalque signed to Season Of Mist. The fifth album entitled Rengeteg is released in November 2011. This is the first album without the participation of János Juhász leaving the band in 2011. This time all the instruments were recorded by Tamás Kátai. All male clean vocals by Attila Bakos (Woodland Choir, Taranis), female vocals by Ágnes Tóth (The Moon And The Nightspirit).

In 2013 Finnish label Blood Music released Rengeteg, Róka Hasa Rádió and Tűnő Idő Tárlat in double vinyl format remastered and redesigned for strictly limited editions.

The sixth album 'Sgùrr' was released in 2015 by Season Of Mist again on vinyl and digibook CD.

'The Early Works' was published by Blood Music in December, 2015. The collection includes the band's only demo 'Cor Cordium' and the first two albums 'Sublunary Tragedies' and 'Microcosmos' and came in 3xCD digipak and 3xLP vinyl box format.

With the 2016 album 'Meta', the ever-evolving THY CATAFALQUE transforms once again. The Hungarian progressive/experimental metal project, helmed by composer, lyricist, and multi-instrumentalist Tamás Kátai, takes a heavier, more direct tack than on last years sprawling 'Sgùrr'. Kátai effortlessly weaves idiosyncratic experimental passages and folk melodies through this [much] heavier and more black/doom/death metallic album. THY CATAFALQUE's enduring unpredictability makes it one of metal's most unique bands, and 'Meta' is yet another distinct and indispensable piece of their integral catalogue of albums.


Studio albums
- Sublunary Tragedies (1999)
- Microcosmos (2001)
- Tűnő idő tárlat (2004)
- Róka hasa rádió (2009)
- Rengeteg (2011)
- Sgùrr (2015)
- Meta (2016)

- Cor Cordium (1999)

- The Early Works (2015)


Current members:
Tamás Kátai - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Samples, Programming (1998-present)

Past members:
János Juhász - Guitars (1998-2011)

Thy Catafalque

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