Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Origin: Poland
Status: Active

ToteM was formed in January 2002 in Bukowno (Poland). The first line up was: Wera - vocals, Dzierz - guitars, Marcin - guitars Przema - bass and Toma - drums. In April 2002 the band recorded first demo "Pink Drink With Red Bull Shit". In the beginning of July 2002, an idea of recording the debut occured. New musicians appeared in the band, and in September 2002 ToteM entered Zed Studio in Olkusz where the first album Intro was recorded by: Wera-vocals, Auman - vocals, Dzierz - guitars, Rudy - guitars Fulba - bass and Toma - drums. To promote „Intro" the band played many shows including polish tour „Thrash The South" with polish metal bands: Horrorscope, The No-Mads, Atrophia Red Sun, Whorehouse and mini-tour with Decapitated. ....

In summer 2004 the band entered Zed Studio in Olkusz again where the new full length album "Day Before The End" came into existence. It appeared on the market in August 2005 released in conjunction with Thrash'em All magazine (Empire Records). Years 2005 – 2007 brought shows and festivals where the band promoted their new album. ToteM performed some polish tours: in March 2006 Metal Marathon Tour with Chainsaw and in October 2006 Metal Union Road Tour with Flapjack, Schizma, Hedfirst, Blood Is The Harvest. ToteM appeared also on some festivals: Hunterfest 2006, Hunterfest 2007, Metalmania 2006. ....

Some Totem's band members recorded an albums with another polish metal bands: Wera (Sceptic, Doctrine X), Toma & Auman (Frontside), Rudy (Heart Attack). Spring 2006 is when Auman decided to leave the band for personal reasons.

At the end of 2010 Totem recorded another full-length album “Let’s Play”. The CD will appear on the market in April 2011 released by Mystic Production


Studio albums
- Day Before the End (2005)
- Let's Play (2011)

- Pink Drink with Red Bullshit (2002)
- Intro (2002)

- Limbo (2015)


Current members:
Fulba - Bass (2002-present)
Toma - Drums (2002-present)
Rudy - Guitars (2002-present)
Dzierzu - Guitars (2002-present)
Wera - Vocals (2002-present)

Past members:
Przema - Bass (2002)
Piotr "Butla" Halista - Drums (2002)
Marcin - Guitars (2002)
Auman - Vocals (2002-2006)


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