Traumatic Voyage

Traumatic Voyage

Genre: Avant-garde/Progressive Death/Black Metal
Origin: Germany
Status: Active

Traumatic Voyage is no usual band at all. It's more somekind of a solo-project, the intense self-expression of a extraordinary artist: Astorian so, Traumatic Voyage is Astorian.

His visionary art can't be shared without losing his purity. He's a solitary single-artist who works alone, except some guest musicians that he's using sometimes. Every Traumatic Voyage output is a complete art-concept. Music, lyrics and pictures are created by Astorian with the help of some friends. So, all fit together as one intense masterpiece of dark art.

Astorian lives his Traumatic Voyage as a life-style and self-therapy to decrese the pressure of black visions and imense hatred in his head and to avoid to run amok. This is also the reason why Astorian's work hasn't been released in the last ten years, because he's doing it for his own satisfaction and not for success or to "be cool".

As the name says, Traumatic Voyage is a musical journey that reflects existence as a traumatic voyage itself. This is not just another pare-image, it's face of the truth that nobody wants to see. The whole concept of Traumatic Voyage is based on Astorian's endless quest for the final, cosmic truth and what he discovers during his search.

Traumatic Voyage is far beyond of everything you think to know in a world of fakes and lies. Truth cen only be found on a Traumatic Voyage.


Studio albums
- Traumatic... (1992)
- Traumatized... (1996)
- Trauma... (1996)
- Cogito Ergo Sum (1998)
- Ɯberlebenskunst (2001)
- Khiaoscuro (2006)
- Traumaturgie (2011)

- The Traumatic Videos (2003)


Current members:
Mark Edward Astorian - Guitars, Vocals, Drums
Unikhanya - Vocals (additional)

Past members:
Christof Albien - Drums, Keyboards

Traumatic Voyage

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