Triumvir Foul

Triumvir Foul

Genre: Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

A vessel for hedonism, corruption, and cabalisticism, Triumvir Foul's debut is the embodiment of one's depravity and weakness expressed through worship of the three serpents. As an entity of spiraling spiritual violence, Triumvir Foul abides by the principles of disgust, hatred, and anxiety as strict tenets of the Vrasubatlat philosophy.


Studio albums
- Triumvir Foul (2015)
- Spiritual Bloodshed (2017)

- An Oath of Blood and Fire (2014)


Current members:
Cedentibus - Drums
Ad Infinitum - Guitars, Vocals

Past members:
Absque - Guitars, Bass (2014-2016)

Triumvir Foul

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