Genre: Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Origin: Germany
Status: Active

A hard-hitting metal outfit from Germany, Valborg's punishing blend of death, doom, and progressive metal invokes names like Triptykon, Celtic Frost, and Throes of Dawn. Based out of the West German city of Bonn, the band was founded in 2002, and released its debut album, Songs for a Year, in 2003. They continued to produce music for the next three years, but the bandmembers' involvement with other projects kept Valborg from touring. In 2009 they released their second studio long-player, Glorification of Pain, and began writing and recording at a furious pace, releasing three more albums, Crown of Sorrow, Barbarian, and Nekrodepression, between 2010 and 2012. Romantik dropped in 2015, followed by a split 7" with Bloodway in 2016. In 2017 the band issued a new full-length offering, Endstrand.


Studio albums
- Glorification of Pain (2009)
- Crown of Sorrow (2010)
- Barbarian (2011)
- Nekrodepression (2012)
- Romantik (2015)
- Endstrand (2017)

- Songs for a Year (2005)

- Werwolf / Ich bin total (2016)

- Demos I: Songs for a Year (2013)
- Demos II: Radio Valborg (2014)

- Karbon Winter (2016)


Current members:
Jan Buckard - Vocals, Bass (2002-present)
Christian Kolf - Vocals, Guitars (2002-present)
Florian Toyka - Drums (2008-present)

Past members:
Patrick Schroeder - Drums (2002-2003, 2007)
Rafael Calman - Drums (2005-2006)


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