Genre: Death Metal
Origin: Netherlands
Status: Active

Founded in April of 2002 in Breda, Netherlands, Vermin is a Deathmetal band that has gained a reputation through numerous gigs and a machine-like live presentation. The band intertwines USDM with rogressive and old school elements in which blast beats are frequently interspersed with heavy grooves.

The band went through several personnel changes and produced two demos while solidifying its line...-up. The recording sessions for Vermin’s debut full-length ‘A Nihilistic Swarm’ (an album that was released by Deity Down Records in the following year and harvested many favorable reviews in the international press) began in 2005.

Subsequently the band’s already impressive live schedule kicked into a higher gear. Despite the lack of a permanent bassist, Vermin’s appearance at the 2006 edition of Germany’s Fuck The Commerce Fest, followed by a Portuguese minitour by the end of the same year and a European tour in 2007 reinforced the band’s reputation as a refined live machine even more.

In 2008, now with a permanent bass player, Vermin deliberately ceased its live activities (except for one try-out gig in late November) in order to fully focus on writing a new record.In between November of 2008 and the beginning of the recording sessions for the ‘Define : Divine’ album in June of 2009, Vermin’s only live show was an exclusive headlining appearance at Groesbeek, Netherlands’ ‘To Hell Fest V’.

Vermin supported the ‘Define : Divine’ album release (Deity Down Records, September 2009) with a number of shows on which they had invited Murder Therapy, (then) their Italian label mates. The stress suffered by Vermin during the two preceeding years, however, did take its toll.

With only one remaining original member, Vermin’s 2010 line-up has been substantially overhauled. Currently the band is ready to take the stages by storm again, even though now there was a provisional ‘industrial’ touch to it all due to the vacancy that existed : Vermin used digital drums until a suitable drummer had been recruited.

Through the whole year of 2011 Vermin kept rehearsing with the digital drums while simultainiously drummers were practising our songs aswell , we even did a couple of shows as a 3-piece , however we were offered an opportunity to do a number of shows in November with the likes of Vader , Gorgoroth and Valkyrja and gladly accepted it !

It was the debut performance on drums for our new recruted drummer .. Concentrating on new material for a 2012 release is now at hand , Vermin will be available for shows however ...


Studio albums
- Solypsis (2003)
- A Nihilistic Swarm (2006)
- Define : Divine (2009)

- Alera Iacta Est demo 1 (2002)
- Promo 2003 (2003)
- Promo 2005 (2005)


Current members:
Ron Vermunt - Vocals, Guitars (2002-present)
Joey Veerbeek - Bass, Vocals (2010-present)
Koen Spierings - Drums (2010-present)
Bram Glaser - Vocals (lead) (2010-present)

Past members:
Daniel - Guitars
Wolf - Guitars
Laurens Oerlemans - Vocals (?-2010)
Jeroen - Bass (2002-2005)
Pascal Payens - Drums (2002-2010)
Rom - Guitars (2002-2003)
Thomas - Vocals (2002-2004)
Rob de Waardt - Bass (2007-2010)


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