Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Norway
Status: Active

Vredehammer was founded by Per Valla in March 2009 in Mo I Rana, Norway. After having released several albums with his band Elite and before that; Allfader, Per decided it was time to see how it would sound if he started a band on his own where he could also take care of the vocals himself. The band received worldwide attention already from the first day their songs were put out on myspace. At this time there were only demo songs available on the site, but these songs were the reason why the band was offered more than 20 record-deals during the first two months online. On April 20th 2010, Per Valla released his first Vredehammer EP: "4.September" through "Obscure Abhorrence Productions" and the debut was a success! The band was immediately hunted down by metal-radio stations and magazines, and the EP received only positive feedback from the media. Lords of metal: 85/100 Queens of steel:8,5/10 Heavy metal.no:8/10 Legacy magazine:11/15 Scream magazine: 4/6 ++ Valla is now working on his second release which will hopefully be released by the end of the year. Stay tuned for more!


Studio albums
- Vinteroffer  (2014)
- Violator  (2016)

- 4. September  (2010)
- Pans skygge  (2011)
- Mintaka  (2013)

- Cthulhu  (2014)
- We Are the Sacrifice  (2014)
- Ursus  (2014)
- Spawn Tyrant  (2015)


Current members:
Per Valla - Guitars, Vocals (also formerly Bass, Drum-Programming) (2009-present)
Stone - Bass (2015-present)
Felix - Drums (2015-present)

Past members:
August Haave Lund - Drums (?-2012)
Kristoffer Hansen - Bass (2012-2013), Guitars (2013-2015)
Cato Skivik - Drums (2012-2015)
Chris Rudi Lind - Bass (2013-2014)
John Erik Andersen - Bass (2014-2015)


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