Genre: Black/Death Metal (early), Brutal Death Metal (later)
Origin: Singapore
Status: Active

Started as a 2 piece band with Shafiee on guitars and Khairil on drums way back in July 1991. Released a 3 songs demo in 1992. Wrote new songs but somehow certain events led to a hiatus of 6 years before reforming in February 1999 with Andy on vocals, Iman on guitars, Khairil switching to guitars and Zainal on drums. Released a 1 song promo "Nuthfah" followed by another demo "Buried In Filthy Vomits", a cassette EP with the same title, a split cassette release with Indonesian band KOMA entitled "Aftermath" and played some gigs. Edi replaced Zainal on drums in 2000. Recorded the Supreme Brutal Legions 5 way split before a full-length CD entitled "Spawned From Hellfire And Brimstones". 2nd album "Unleashing Vrykolakas Upon Mankind" released on tape under Atomik Nuclear Desolation Productions. Recorded 9 songs yet to be released under a tentative title "And Vrykolakas Brings Chaos And Destruction. Appeared in the 3 way split in digipac format titled "Fire Death Chaos" with BEAST PETRIFY and ABSENCE OF THE SACRED. Appeared in the 3 way split titled "3 Way Chaos" with SUICIDAL and SEREGNOIS. Working on songs for the next recording...


Studio albums
- Spawned from Hellfire and Brimstone (2004)
- Unleashing Vrykolakas upon the Mankind (2011)

- Demo '92 (1992)
- Nuthfah Promotrack 99 (1999)
- Promo Tape 1999 (1999)
- Vrykolakas 2000 (2000)

- Buried in Filthy Vomits (2000)

- Koma / Vrykolakas (2001)
- Supreme Brutal Legions - Volume 1 (2003)
- Fire Death Chaos (2012)
- 3-Way Chaos (2016)

- Nocturnal Demons of Death (2008)


Current members:
Edi - Drums
Khairil - Guitars, Vocals
Iman - Guitars, Vocals
Andi - Vocals

Past members:
Apeng - Drums
Zainal - Drums
Kamal - Drums (R.I.P. 1993)
Herman - Guitars
Shafiee Sathanas - Guitars


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