Where She Wept

Where She Wept

Genre: Gothic/Death/Doom Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Split-up

Where She Wept is more a pure musical concept than it is a band. The music transcends today's clich├ęd and pretentious climate - an era of music based around befriending radio and television propaganda. Where She Wept represents the integrity upon which early heavy and extreme music based it's foundation: creating atmosphere, emotion and feeling rather than verses, choruses and hooks. This concept was first sought in early 1996 by band founder and vocalist Tom Muehlbauer. At the time the genre was at its peak, with European bands like My Dying Bride, The Gathering, Anathema and Cradle of Filth creating some of their best works. Taking influences from these bands as well as early genre pioneers Celtic Frost, Candlemass and Bathory, Where She Wept was born.

As years passed, Where She Wept became nothing more than an ambitious idea. An underground gothic metal act was a difficult seed to plant in American soil at the time. It wasn't until early 1999 that Where She Wept finally had an identity with its first demo recording. The song, "Her Restless Body," was recorded without a full band as then guitarist, Angelo Scavo, cut the track with a drum machine. The ten-plus minute song, though, would be the perfect prelude of what was to come: songs filled with poetic lyrics, emotion and keyboard-laden atmosphere.

In the fall of 2000, five years after its official inception, Where She Wept finally became a reality. Joining Tom and Angelo would be drummer Josh, guitarist James, bassist Mike, keyboardist Shelly, and violinist Jon. Minus Angelo, who departed for personal reasons, this would be the lineup that recorded the band's first LP. In the summer of 2001, Where She Wept recorded "We Are the Orphans of Heaven," a critically acclaimed nine track debut. With the CD and live performances, Where She Wept gave the Western New York music scene its first taste of European gothic heavy music. During the recording of Orphans, the band would meet Sarah Stern, who eventually would join the lineup and provide operatic backing vocals to the songs - a counterpoint to Tom's growling vocals that fit the genre of music perfectly. The band gigged through the later months of 2001 until band members Josh and Jon sadly departed out of state to further their education. Where She Wept hibernated until the early winter months of 2002.

In February 2002, Where She Wept awoke from its winter slumber. Joining the band as a temporary drummer, Paul would bring a different range of influences to the group. Old material took on a different light and new material developed as new life was breathed into the band. Gigging commenced through 2002 and early 2003. In the summer of 2003, the band recorded the "Dark Beauty and Desire" demo. The demo featured three songs, one of which was a cover version of the Gathering's "Sand and Mercury." Shortly after the official release of Dark Beauty, the band parted ways with Sarah.

Sarah's departure from the band did not slow them down a bit. Where She Wept continued gigging and developing new material through the rest of 2003 and into the early months of 2004. Then in summer of 2004, recording started on the band's most diverse and ambitious recording to date. The four song EP "The Erotic Portrait," was released in the fall of that year. From Norwegian black metal to English doom to gothic atmosphere, the release covered all spectrums of the extreme metal wheel. Over the winter months of 2004 during the band's hiatus, a new member joined: long time friend of the band, guitarist Steve brought the band back to a six member lineup. The addition of Steve to the band allowed them to branch into new sonic directions and to accurately reproduce many of the rhythm/lead guitar parts on their releases that before were missing from live performances. The band continued to develop new material and play to packed houses in the local area through the spring and summer of 2005.

Fast forward to the fall of 2005: James leaves the band, citing frustrations with various factors within the band, both creative and personal. The decision whether or not to continue this venture was made in a split second. Where She Wept would continue without James. Enter Jay, who currently splits his time with My Lost Lenore, another great local band. Jay is proving to be a perfect fit for the music of Where She Wept. He has quickly learned the back catalog of songs and is now involved in writing new material with the band.

The future of Where She Wept is one of destiny. No matter the incarnation of the lineup, one thing remains constant: all members are committed fully to the success and growth of the band and to fostering the dark, creative spirit from which it was spawned. Where She Wept is currently working on new material and is performing at venues throughout the area. Spring 2006 should see the band entering the studio to record another EP with a summer release planned. The band seeks the interest of record labels and is aggressively pursuing contracts to that end.

The band's emotional music, dramatic live shows and powerful anti-Christian message, make them the area's most original and extreme band. Where She Wept is sorrow, sadness, anger, romance and darkness; all that is beautiful and ugly therein...


Studio albums
- We Are the Orphans of Heaven (2001)
- The Deer Will Hunt (2006)
- No More to Regret (2009)
- Marrow (2014)

- Dark Beauty and Desire (2003)
- The Erotic Portrait (2004)
- Dove Violence (2009)


Last known lineup:
Shelly Muehlbauer - Keyboards (1996-2014)
Tom Muehlbauer - Vocals (1996-2014)
Jay Zgoda - Guitars (2005-2014)
Zack Del Moral - Drums (2008-2014)
Jason Roman - Bass (2009-2014)
David Lopian - Guitars (2012-2014)

Past members:
Nick - Bass
Josh Angelo - Drums
Angelo - Guitars
Jon - Violin
Sarah - Vocals
Mike Messina - Bass (2000-2004)
James Alexander - Guitars (2000-2005)
Paul Nesi - Drums (2002-2008)
Steve Quarcini - Guitars (2002-2004, 2008-2011), Bass (2004-2007)
Jim Volker - Guitars (2004-2007)

Where She Wept

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