Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Formed in early 2003 by Chris Freeman and Mike Thompson (founding members of the political/crust/grind outfit, Social Infestation also featuring Troy Sanders of Mastodon). Coming out of a dark period riddled with death & depression, they were driven to explore the darker attributes of life and created a torturous yet liberating form of music. they accomplished this by combining norwegian black metal anguish, early swedish death metal riffing, modern american doom, and dramatic guitar melodies all while still clinging to their punk and grind roots. to culminate this, they needed an unrelenting percussion force. they called upon long time friend and accomplished drummer, Wes Kever (ex puaka balava w/ Mike T.). after writing a few songs they realized it was time to find the bassist that could audibly obliterate their listeners. They called upon Greg Hess (ex leechmilk). His menacing sludgy background helped cultivate withered's intense sound. withered immediately started touring and stirring up a frenzy in the eastern US with a 3 song demo.

Lifeforce Records caught wind of the bands efforts and a contract was inked in early '05. their debut album "memento mori" was released in fall 2005 and gained incredible praise throughout the world. Decibel magazine gave "Memento Mori" the 4th position in their "top 40 albums of 2005". Every song on "Memento Mori" reminds you that death is patiently awaiting your inevitable arrival and that you can either welcome it with open arms or be dragged into it kicking and screaming. Songs like "the fear and pain that cripples me" are an unrelenting force of grind and metal while the almost nine minute epic "like locusts" embraces the darkest corners of life & conciousness with lulling guitar melodies, majestic riffage, and blistering verses.

2006 was a tough year. Withered parted ways with Greg Hess and Wes Kever just after completing a successful tour supporting Vital Remains and Dismember. They had to step down due to their family obligations and inability to tour at Withered's pace. In Early '07, Withered recruited Mike Longoria and Beau Brandon. Both hail from El Paso, TX (eventually moving to Atlanta) where they had known each other for decades and had played together in numerous bands (founding member's of Waited). Their history together provided the foundation for creating a formidable rhythm section. They have been able to over-fill some pretty big shoes left behind by Hess and Kever and have taken withered's music to the next level.

In December '07, withered signed to Prosthetic records. their 2nd full length has already been named "one of the top 25 most anticipated albums of 2008" by Decibel magazine. "Folie Circulaire" will be released in the spring/summer of '08.


Studio albums
- Memento Mori  (2005)
- Folie Circulaire  (2008)
- Dualitas  (2010)
- Grief Relic  (2016)

- 2004 Demonstration  (2004)


Current members:
Colin Marston - Bass
Mike Thompson - Guitars, Vocals (2003-present)
Beau Brandon - Drums (2007-present)
Ethan McCarthy - Guitars, Vocals (2013-present)

Past members:
Dylan Kilgore - Guitars, Vocals (2009-2013)
Greg Hess - Bass (2003-2006)
Wes Kever - Drums (2003-2006)
Chris Freeman - Guitars, Vocals (2003-2009)
Mike Longoria - Bass (2007-2013)
Zach Harlan - Bass (2013-2014)


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