Within Y

Within Y

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

Within Y was formed by Nikke Almen (guitar), Mikael Nordin (guitar) and Andreas Solveström (vocals) sometime during February/March 2002. In the end of March the same year Within Y hooks up with drummer Thim Blom. The band started to rehearse and wrote 4 deathmetal songs and in July 2002 Within Y started to record "Feeble and Weak". The demo was recorded in a music store called "Musikbörsen" in Gothenburg. Within Y handled the whole recording process by themselves with a litte help by Matte Wänerstam who later on decided to join the band as the bass player. Now Within Y started to distribute the demo "Feeble and Weak" and got great response!!! Even the largest Magazine in Sweden, Close-up, loved the demo. They rated "Feeble and Weak" 10/10 and "Best in Sweden!" in issue 55. They even rated it as the second best demo of the year 2002!! The UK radio station "Sex to 9" also placed Within Y on the first spot as the best demo in 2002 which felt like a bit of a victory for the band.

At this point the band also got good response from record labels around the world. In March 2003 Within Y signs a record deal with the Dutch record label Hammerheart Records. The debut album, "Extended Mental Dimensions", was released March 22nd 2004.

In the fall of 2004 Nikke sadly announced his departure from the band. A massive search for a new guitarist starts, and in the beginning of 2005 Within Y announces his replacement, Niknam Moslehi! At this time the band has already started writing new material for their upcoming album.

In september 2005 Within Y enters the studio to record their long awaited second album, entitled "Portraying Dead Dreams", and the band is really exited! Everything turns out well and the album is finished in the end of 2005. While recording "Portraying Dead Dreams" Within Y starts to shop for a new label. A few labels turns out to be very interested in the forthcoming release, and in March 2006 Within Y decides to sign a multialbumdeal with the Gothenburg based label GAIN. "Portraying Dead Dreams" is scheduled for release May 10th 2006.

During the recording sessions bass player Mattias Wänerstam decides to leave the band because of personal reasons, and will be replaced by long time friend of the band, Jonas Larsson.

In February 2007 Thim unfortunately leaves an official statement that he has left the band due to physical reasons, which leads to the recruiting of Erik Hagström.

During the fall of the same year, after being opening acts for both Nevermore and Killswitch Engage, Within Y enters the studio for the third time to record "The Cult".


Studio albums
- Extended Mental Dimensions  (2004)
- Portraying Dead Dreams  (2006)
- The Cult  (2008)
- Silence Conquers  (2011)

- Feeble and Weak  (2002)
- Demo 05  (2005)

- Asylum  (2011)


Current members:
Mikael Nordin - Guitars (2002-present)
Andreas Solveström - Vocals (2002-present)
Niknam Moslehi - Guitars (2004-present)
Jonas Larsson - Bass (2006-present)
Erik Hagström - Drums (2007-present)

Past members:
Matte Wänerstam - Bass (2002-2006)
Thim Blom - Drums (2002-2007)
Niklas Almén - Guitars (2002-2004)

Within Y

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