Genre: Melodic Technical Deathcore/Death Metal
Origin: United States
Status: Active

Wretched is a melodic death metal band based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Formerly known as And Since Forgotten, Wretched was formed in September of 2005. Recreating what seems to have disappeared from the NC scene, is the blend of European, and American metal. For the first time listener, Wretched brings sonic mayhem to their ears, leaving them with a craving for more. Keeping the NC thriving music scene going, Wretched are an immaculate take on this music scene. They are unstoppable, unyielding, and powerful live and on record. With a devastating live show, a show attendee leaves more than satisfied anticipating the urge for more Wretched.


Studio albums
- The Exodus of Autonomy  (2009)
- Beyond the Gate  (2010)
- Son of Perdition  (2012)
- Cannibal  (2014)

- A Preservation of Immortality  (2009)
- Dilated Disappointment  (2012)
- Cranial Infestation  (2014)


Current members:
Marshall Wieczorek - Drums (2005-present)
Steven Funderburk - Guitars (2005-present)
Joel Moore - Guitars (2007-2010, 2013-present)
Andrew Grevey - Bass (2011-present)
Adam Cody - Vocals (2011-present)

Past members:
JC Lawrence - Bass (2005-2006)
Paul McClendon - Guitar (2005-2007)
Josh Simpson - Vocals (2005-2006)
David Briggs - Bass (2006-2009)
Brendan Riley - Vocals (2006-2007)
Blake Gullatte - Vocals (2007-2008)
Chris Davis - Vocals (2007)
Billy Powers - Vocals (2008-2010)
Rico Marziali - Bass (2009-2010)
John Vail - Guitars (2010-2013)


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