Megadeth Will Enter Studio In November

Megadeth are busy touring in support of their current album, Dystopia, but they are also planning their next move. They even won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the song “Dystopia”. The thrashers led by mastermind Dave Mustaine plan to return to the studio this November or December to start “throwing some ideas around” for their next record.

Guitarist/vocalist Mustaine told Katt Rock 100.5: “We have stuff planned for next year and then, believe it or not, we have something that we were approached on for 2019. That’s the farthest ever in my life I’ve been asked to do a show in advance, so we’re excited about that – and in-between that time period, we plan on going back in the studio.

“We’re probably going to go back in and start throwing some ideas around at the end of the year – we’re thinking about November and December.”

Dave Mustaine


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